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Action Chicks Dioramas 2018 Desk Calendar

2018 Action Chicks Dioramas Desk Calendar

Introducing … our 2018 Desk Calendar. Let the Action Chicks guide you through the trials and turmoils of the coming year!

Sample pages:

Want more details? Here are some handy links to the original posts, which may include more photos, concert set lists, music, and more:

January: The Bridge at Khazad-dûm

February: Meet the Beatles

March: Science is real

April: Opening Day

May: Calling Agent Carter

June: A heroine walks into a bar …

July: Diana Prince and the Supremes Summer Worlds Tour

August: The Action Chicks do Macbeth

September: Goodnight Hello Kitty Moon

October: Jane Austen ain’t afraid of no ghosts

November: Buffy vs the Death Star

December: A Visit to Santa Cthulhu